Conflicting Reports On Alissa Flash’s Departure From TNA


— There are conflicting stories on Melissa Anderson’s (a/k/a Alissa Flash) recent departure from TNA Wrestling.

It’s being said that she was frustrated with the company not using her on a regular basis. There are also multiple accounts on whether she asked for her release or if the organization made a decision to let her go. Furthermore, some feel her departure from TNA was related to Awesome Kong’s dispute with the company, seeing how they are close.

Anderson parted ways with the organization on Jan. 21, 2010.

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— Former TNA announcer Lauren Brooke recently took part in an interview with women’s wrestling website When asked whether she ever considered lacing up the boots, Brooke responded: “No I really didn’t. I honestly believe that no one could just START wanting to be a wrestler at 27 years old, train for a year and go out there and show any quality. You need years to be as good as the Taylor Wilde’s and Gail Kim’s out there…and it would be an insult if I thought I could just.. “pull that off.”

She also reveals whether she was ever asked to take part in a lesbian storyline with Taylor Wilde, her favorite wrestler to work with, how she would like to be remembered by wrestling fans, and much more. You can read the interview in its entirety at the following link.

(credit to the Pro Wrestling Torch for some of the information used in this report)