Jeff & Matt Hardy Talk About WWE NXT (VIDEO)


Matt and Jeff Hardy posted a video online talking about WWE‘s new NXT show, which debuts Tuesday night on Syfy.

Matt says he thinks NXT is a cool concept with potential. He said the ECW that was on Syfy was not the real ECW, and the guys on the roster will wind up on RAW and SmackDown.

Matt said he will be coaching Justin Angel/Gabriel on NXT and he’s heard he’s like the “FCW Version of AJ Styles.” He also commented on the controversy surrounding The Miz coaching Daniel Bryan and said that will make for some interesting television.

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Up next, Jeff Hard teased what his next career move will be. He said you might need some training and show up in NXT. He might return to WWE, or he could join Hulkamania in TNA. He then said maybe he’ll show up in Ring of Honor, but then he and Matt looked at each other and agreed that wasn’t a great idea.

Check it out: