Sound Off 99: Enjoying the Cruise Down WrestleMania Road!


Solomonster Sounds Off

Solomonster Sounds Off (Episode 99)

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Est. Runtime: 1 hour, 25 minutes

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| Thoughts on the Royal Rumble and Edge‘s not-so-shocking return to TV

| Bret Hart and Vince McMahon create a few great Raw moments, but how might Batista and John Cena factor into their Mania plans?

| Looking at the possibilities for WrestleMania 26 … and loving every minute of it!

| ECW about to bite the dust (yet again) in favor of the Next Generation

| TNA is still going full-time to Monday nights, but on Friday afternoon, they weren’t very happy

| Details on Sound Off 100 and what it means to me

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