SpikeTV Exec Talks About Monday iMPACT!, Hogan & More


Spike TV Senior Vice President Brian J. Diamond spoke to the Miami Herald about a number of TNA topics. Here are some highlights:

Having Hulk Hogan in TNA:Hulk Hogan is a name that transcends wrestling into the pop culture. So adding him to the mix was the icing on the cake. Hulk is an amazing guy. He is revered by wrestling fans and people around the world, and it was an incredible acquisition. We are so proud and excited to have him as part of the team.”

January 4th: “It was tremendous. Obviously we were going head-to-head with WWE. It was not in our anticipation that we were going to beat them in the ratings, but the fact that we did what we did on that night and basically planted the flag and said, `We’re going to go with this.’ It was a big deal.”

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iMPACT! Moving to Mondays Permanently: “It’s something we’re looking at right now. Obviously, the success of Jan. 4 lends itself to that, and after that success, it’s making us take pause and consider that. As to when and how and where, that remains to be seen, but that result on Jan. 4 made us look at it and say, `Maybe we’re onto something.”’

How Involved Spike TV Is With TNA: “We work very closely with TNA. Ironically, their base of operation for the television production is in Orlando [Universal Studios], and we happen to have a gentleman who works for us — who actually at one time ran the studios where TNA records. So he’s there all the time when TNA taping is going. We’re very actively involved. It’s a collaborative relationship. We work very closely together on how things are going to play out. Having said that, they’re the experts when it comes to wrestling. They know what works and what doesn’t. In combination with our television expertise, it works really well.”

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