*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT! Results For 2/18 & 2/25


Credit to JP Nichols and PWInsider.com for these tapings results:

* Rhino defeated Jay Lethal with a Gore in a match taped for Xplosion

Taped for 2/18:

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* They do the opening for the show and D’Angelo Dinero comes out. He says that there is a party going on the Impact Zone. The crowd chants “Pope is pimpin'”. Pope says that he overcame the odds and is the number one contender. He says he only has two people standing in his way from achieving more greatness. He says that A.J. will never be as good as the Pope and at Lockdown, he will be the next TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Ric Flair’s music plays Flair and A.J. come to the ring accompanied by four ladies. Flair asks if Pope can read and write because Pope called him ‘dick flair’. He says he was bling before there was bling and ‘unless you’re tiger woods or Michael Jordan, you don’t tell me nothing’. Flair puts over A.J. as the best athlete alive.

* Pope gets the mic ‘our name may be Ric, but in Pope’s eyes, you’re a dick.’ He says that Flair can dress up a piece of crap as nice as he wants but at the end of the day it is still a piece of crap. Flair calls Pope a street thug. Pope and flair threw a few insults at each other. A.J. gets on the mic and mentions that he has yet to see Pope with a woman. He throws a couple more insults at Dinero before Dinero hits Styles and Flair. Eventually Flair and Styles get the upper hand and lay out Dinero. Flair grabs a chair and wraps it around Pope’s ankle before stomping on it. A.J. puts the figure four on Dinero until the security team comes out to chase off Styles and Flair.

* Tara defeats Daffney by disqualification in a Non Title Match. Daffney got disqualfied after hitting Tara with a tool box. Daffney continued to attack Tara and put a guardrail on top of Tara and hit the guardrail repeatedly with a chair. This continued until Stevie Richards took Daffney to the back.

* Orlando Jordan defeats Samoa Joe with a lungblower. Joe had Jordan in the rear naked choke, but Jordan was able to counter it into the lungblower.

* A video package was shown of Eric Bischoff telling Abyss that he is going to be unmasked tonight.

* Kaz, Amazing Red, and Generation Me defeated Doug Williams, the Motor City Machine Guns, and Brian Kendrick when Kaz pinned Williams.

* It is announced that Abyss will be wrestling Jeff Jarrett with the stipulation if Jarrett does not use the barbed wire baseball bat, Jarrett will be gone from TNA.

* Abyss versus Jeff Jarrett goes to a No Contest. During the match, Eric Bischoff comes out to watch the match. Jarrett almost uses the barbed wire bat, but he refused. Bischoff gets on the mic and says that he knew he could not trust Jarrett. Bischoff calls out ‘his guys’ (Rhino, Raven, Tomko, Homicide, and Desmond Wolfe). They attack Abyss and Jarrett. Bischoff’s men hold Abyss and Hogan comes out but instead of unmasking Abyss, he tells Abyss to go to his office.

* Beer Money defeats Rob Terry and Brutus Magnus with the DWI on Magnus. After the match, Brutus calls out Terry for always messing up and then he slaps Magnus. Magnus tells Terry that he should be the Global Champion. Rob gives the belt to Magnus and then attacks Magnus and gives Magnus a clothesline. Terry poses with the belt.

* On the screen, they show Abyss in Hogan’s office. Hogan tells Bischoff to get out of the office. Hogan calls Abyss a monster and then he shows Abyss his Hall of Fame ring and calls the ring ‘his life’. Hogan puts the ring in Abyss’ hand and says that Abyss will be a God. Abyss screams with joy at what Hogan just told him.

* Kurt Angle beat Daniels via ankle lock. After the match, Kurt gets on the mic and he says that he can admit that he lost, but the fact that Anderson used the tags was a sign of disrespect. Angle says that he had an appearance a while back at an army base in Texas. One soldier came up to him and told Angle that he believed in him. Angle reads the inscription off of the back of one of the tags. When Anderson cut him on Sunday, he didn’t make Angle bleed, he made those soldiers bleed. When Anderson spat on the tags, he spat on those soldiers. For that, he will make Anderson suffer. ‘I will make you bleed until there’s nothing left. Ken Anderson, I will see you in hell.’

* Anderson comes out to the ramp and he welcomes Kurt to hell. He sarcstically says that he is very touched and moved. He is amazed at Angle’s abilities to suck up to the people. He just thinks that Kurt just wants a pat on the back. He sees the tags as nothing more than a utensil to carve Angle up. Anderson calls Kurt up the ramp and the two fight at the top. Anderson kicks Angle low and hits Angle with the mic and welcomes him to Total Nonstop Anderson.

* Eric Young and Kevin Nash come to the ring and Nash says that when he is in the back, he is used to being called ‘brother’. He says that years ago, Rick Rude told him about two things in this business and that was money and miles. He says that you can choose your friends and then he called out Hall and Waltman.

* Hall and Waltman come to the ring through the crowd. Young goes after Waltman and he takes care of Waltman. Hall stared at Nash from the apron before getting in the ring. Hall and Nash brawled until security comes out to stop them.

* Hogan comes out to the stage and he stares at Hall and Waltman.

* Xplosion Match: TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions Awesome Kong and Hamada defeated Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne (with Lacey Von Erich) when Kong pinned Velvet after hitting the Implant Buster.

Taped for 2/25:

* A.J. Styles and Ric Flair come out. Styles jokes about Pope being ‘champion of the people’ and he says that Pope will not be beating him. Styles says to be the man, you have to beat the man and because he is the champion, he is the man. Flair takes the mic and calls out Hogan for giving his Hall of Fame ring to Abyss and he bashes Hogan and calls out Abyss. Abyss comes out to Hogan’s American Made. Flair asks Abyss why he came out to that music and says that Abyss makes all wrestlers look bad. ‘You may have some superhuman strength, but you’re not a Hall of Fame wrestler.’ Flair says the only thing Abyss is good for is shining the champs boots and calls Abyss a clown.

* Abyss gets on the mic and says Flair is right. ‘I couldn’t shine your shoes because I am not a shoe-shine boy’. Abyss says that he would be more than happy to remove A.J.’s boots and stick them up flair’s ass.

* A.J. takes the mic and asks if Abyss thinks that the people came to see him and calls Abyss a disgrace. He asks Abyss to take the ring off and Flair demands that it be put on A.J.’s hand.

* Hogan comes out. Hogan gets in the ring and asks A.J. what he knows about having a good name because associating himself with Flair gives him a bad name. Flair and Hogan exchange words. Flair asks for a fight right now, but as Abyss and Hogan are ready, Flair and Styles go around the ring. Flair claims that before the night is through, the ring will be on A.J.’s finger.

* Team 3D beat the Nasty Boys in a tables match. Jimmy Hart was going to hit Devon with the motorcycle helmet but Jesse Neal came out, took the helmet from Hart, and tossed it to Devon who used it on Sags. Team 3D then hit a 3D on Sags through the table for the win.