Taz & Tommy Dreamer Comment On The End Of ECW


Last night on ECW, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon announced that the ECW brand is being put to rest once and for all this month. WWE will be introducing a new brand, dubbed WWE NXT, which will feature the “next generation” of WWE superstars.

ECW originals Taz and Tommy Dreamer have posted messages on Twitter about McMahon’s announcement and neither sounds happy with how it was handled.

Tommy Dreamer was vague with his comments, but expressed general frustration:

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“Many people have asked me why I left WWE. If you watched ECW tonight, a piece of the puzzle was revealed for my actions. Stay tuned.”

Taz on the other hand criticized Vince McMahon for not giving credit to the people who actually made ECW the force it once was. He wrote:

“So, WWE ending their ‘vision’ of ECW (thank god). ANY ORIG ECW wrestlers get a thanks? How about Paul Heyman did he get a thanks? Classy move!”

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