What You Didn't See On WWE RAW Last Night


(Partial thanks to reader Seth Fisher for sending in some of these live notes)

Pre-RAW Dark Match

– Vladimir Kozlov defeated Cyrus Young in a squash match.

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WWE Superstars Matches:

* William Regal and Jack Swagger vs. Santino Marella and Chris Masters

* Zack Ryder vs.  Primo Colon

Live Notes:

-During the commercial break where ShowMiz were in the ring, Big Show complained the bull should be “tested” and then The Miz cut a heel promo on the Colts.

– It was a solid show, and the crowd seemed really into all night. I’d say the arena was about 95% full.

Post-RAW Dark Match

Triple H & Edge defeated Chris Jericho & Batista in the dark main event. After Cena was helped to the back, Triple H came out and called out Batista. After Batista came out, Jericho came out picking a fight with Triple H until Edge came out and suggested the tag match. Triple H and Edge were both in t-shirts and jeans. 6 or 7 minutes, Triple H gets the pin on Jericho after a pedigree.