WWE RAW Results Hosted By Jerry Springer (2/15)


Report by Kendra

This week’s RAW starts with a local 15 year old, Allison Buol, sings the National Anthem beautifully, for President‘s Day!

Music (new layout) and pyro.

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King and Cole talk about Jerry Springer guest hosting RAW. Then they talk about how Bret Hart will address the WWE Universe tonight. And Batista will be there to respond to Cena’s threats from last week.

Sheamus out to the ring. Video of Orton facing Cody last week. Sheamus’ distraction caused Cody to get the win. After the match Orton ate a big boot, but Cody returned with a chair and Sheamus left before abusing Orton more. Orton out to face Sheamus. Lots of glaring between the two, then Orton poses on a corner taking up a lot of time with his entrance.

They lock up and Orton backed into a corner. Sheamus then shows off. Orton grabs Sheamus, backs him into a corner and hits an upper cut. They lock up and Orton backed into the same corner. Sheamus then beats the hack out of Orton with punches and kicks then slams Orton to the mat. Orton starts fighting back but eats a kick and a clothesline. A knee to Orton’s face for two. Sheamus scoops Orton onto his shoulder and slams him to the mat. Orton grabs Sheamus for an RKO but Sheamus slithers out and leaves the ring. They stare off.

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Orton has control of Sheamus. Orton holds Sheamus’ wrist then stomps it. Orton stomps his way around Sheamus. Legacy distracts Orton by coming to the ring. This gives Sheamus a chance to gain control. Backbreaker to Orton then a knee to Orton’s back in a corner. Sheamus telegraphs and gets kicked in the face for it. Punches and upper cuts to Sheamus. Orton hit’s a standing dropkick to Sheamus, then stomps the heck out of his gut. Backbreaker on Sheamus. Orton starts stalking Sheamus who’s down on the mat. Orton punches the mat and seats him up, but Sheamus out of the way. Sheamus slides out. Orton slides out and gets kicked for it. Sheamus tries to send Orton into a post, but Orton slides off and sends Sheamus into the post. Ted is suddenly there and attacks Ted before he can do anything. Cody attacks Sheamus from behind and the ref sees this. The ref calls for the bell.

– Winner: Sheamus via DQ

Legacy in the ring. Cody explains what happened. Cody eats an RKO. Sheamus in and hit’s a big boot on Ted. Orton hits and RKO on Sheamus. Orton stares around at the carnage, then out at Ted who rolled to the floor. Video of the happenings outside the ring to finish the match. Back to Orton who’s still seething.

Bret Hart walking backstage, possibly heading for the ring.

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King and Cole talking about Bret Hart addressing the audience and how it took 12 years to get here. Then how Vince keeps humiliating Bret. The problem is they ran the music too loud over them, so they were hard to hear. Video of Cena calling out Vince for what he and Batista did to Bret the week before. Cena said Bret wants to face Vince in a match at WM. Vince said yes to all this, now Vince has to tell Bret. Bret attacked Vince from behind. Vince, on stage, changed his mind and said not to the match because Bret deserved to be screwed. Bret then trashed announce.

In the ring Justin announces Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart! Bret out to the ring, same leather jacket he’s worn every week since his return. The fans are hot for him. Bret said it’s no real shock Vince isn’t there. If he’d flown in, Bret would have waited for him at the airport, the hotel, or here at the arena. He’s there to finish things once and for all. HUGE “Bret” chants. He said he came back with good intentions, to make peace with Vince. But it wasn’t meant to be. When he tries to put things in perspective – he lied to him, kicked him in the gut, lied some more, had his goon Batista beat him up. But he keeps hearing those words, that he deserved to be screwed. He thinks Vince deserves to have the holy hell beat out of him. He had his heart set on things, but Vince is the best liar. He’s the bottom of the barrel. Actually he’s below the barrel. He had his heart set on facing Vince and having one last victory at WM. It’s not to be as he lied about it. A victory will last a lifetime, but excellence lasts forever. Now that he knows where things stand he wants to thank all the WWE superstars for all they have done and been so warm, and the WWE Universe for welcoming him back. And especially wants to take this moment to thank Cena, thank you my friend. The last few weeks he got to live some special moments and to the fans who have supported him the past couple months. He’s taking this time to say goodbye. Thank you. He put down the mic and left the ring. On the stage he waved and then left.

King and Cole talk about Hart, but the music was so loud they were almost impossible to hear. Backstage Kofi stops Hart and shakes his hand. Kofi asks if he’s sure he’s ready to go. Hand shake from Swagger and hug from Fox. Primo shook Hart’s hand. Bret said to say hi to Primo’s father for him. Then Gail Kim hugged Bret and said she was going to miss seeing him. Evan shook hands with Bret. More Cole and King talking about how Bret touched the young stars in the locker room. Then, backstage Cena’s walking and talking with Bret. Cena says they all have respect for Bret and wants to do something at WM. Bret said there’s nothing for him. Cena shook Bret’s hand and Bret told him to look him up when he comes to Calgary. Bret leaves and there’s a big crunching sound. Someone backed their car into Bret’s car. His leg was pinned with the door. Cena yells at the woman to move her car. They call for help and Kim is the first one there talking to Bret and acting like a loved one. Cena continues to rip the female driver a new one as they work on Bret. They get him out of the limo and on a stretcher. His leg is all braced up. They get him into the ambulance just happens to be parked in front of the limo he was getting in – convenient. Sirens and all they leave with Bret as King freaks out on mic.

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Video recap of what happened backstage with Bret Hart.

Cole and King talk about keeping us updated on Bret’s condition.

ShoMiz out to the ring to their newly mixed music. Big Show has a belt over each shoulder. Miz has one over each shoulder and the US Championship around his waist. Video of how DX lost last week and how confused HHH was about it. The Kool Aid Gang out to the ring to face them.

MVP on Miz hard. Mix backed into a corner and stomped. Miz then gets a foot up in MVP’s face. MVP hard on Miz and kicks him from the ring through the ropes.

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MVP trying to get to his corner, but Miz keeps him away. Miz tries for a cheap shot on Henry, but it didn’t work well. Back body drop to Miz and he tags out. Henry in, beating on Miz, then slams him down. Big Show drops a leg to break the pin. Big Show tags in. Big Show whips and is splashed in a corner. Henry tries to get Big Show off his feet, Big Show reverses into a DDT. Big Show climbs to the second ropes and tries to splash Henry. MVP yelling to his partner. Henry is able to tag out. MVP with punches on Big Show. Big kick to Big Show in a corner. The second time in Big Show kicks MVP in the face. Miz takes a tag and pins MVP, but MVP reverses it and steals the win.

– Winners: Mark Henry & MVP

MVP and Henry celebrate outside while Big Show looks shocked inside the ring. Video of the high points and the win. They celebrate up the ring and MVP again seems to be having zipper problems with his ring gear.

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Jerry Springer announced and he comes out with his two regular bodyguards. He shakes hands with fans on his way to the ring. One of his bodyguards holds the ropes for him to get in the ring. He thanks everyone and gets a mixed review. He says tonight’s show is WWE’s Most Intimate Relationships Revealed. We’ll have different ideas of the people we boo and cheer for. The first person with a secret has such a nice name her parents named her twice. She comes out in camo pants and a gold spangled bra. He said he’s a fan of the show but hasn’t seen her wrestle lately. She said she’s pregnant. She asks who the father is. She said she’s not sure. She’s been in a lot of relationships. Jerry said she must know who she thinks it is. She says she thinks she knows. Santino’s music hits and he comes out with a big smile. They hug in a way you’d expect siblings to hug. Then Santino welcomes Maury Povich to the show. Jerry corrects him. He says, sure thing Maury. Santino says he’s papa. They were at the hotel bar, things got crazy and he is papa. Jerry said to Kelly that that’s not really true, is it? Kelly said after Santino fell asleep she needed someone to finish the job. He looked upset. She said someone with more experience, more stamina. Santino freaks and says that’s a lie! The baby’s going to have a unibrow like his papa! Cole stands up and calls Kelly a loose lipped hussy and said it was their little secret! Kelly laughs and blushes. King stands and says she’s not talking about Cole, she’s talking about him. King into the ring. Jerry said he doesn’t like hearing his name when talking about a baby-daddy! Jerry asks King about Kelly being too old for him. King said it’s borderline. King usually picks up his girls at recess. Out to the ring stomp the Bellas! One of them says they have their own shocking secret. King has his arm around Kelly. They said they saw someone else… then Nikki yells, “Brie is a man!” Brie slaps Nikki and they get into it. The bodyguards have to break them up. Then Masters comes out to the ring while the twins glare. He bounces his pecs. Kelly said she couldn’t resist herself. Jerry tells him to put on a bra. Eve stomps out yelling at Kelly about being with her man, Masters. They get into a pushing fight and broken up. She demands to know why with her. Masters says obviously she wasn’t getting the job done. She’s been cheating on Chris, he’s so much more of a man than him. Out to the ring comes Khali! Khali picks Eve up and kisses her sweetly. The guards have to hold Masters back. Santino demands to know who is the father is? Jerry says he has the results of the paternity test. Santino wants to know how that’s possible as this only happened three days ago! “I’m Jerry Springer!” was his response! “Eat your heart out Maury!” Then he looks at the results and can’t understand the name. Santino yells Hornswoggle! He comes running out in his DX gear. Jerry says it crazier than his own show. There’s leprechauns, giants, twins transgender/transvestite, whatever, and his name isn’t Maury! He’s out of there. He leaves with his boys. King stops him and asks the rest if they should let him off the hook. He said they got together to put on this charade to freak them out. Kelly’s not pregnant, Brie’s a girl, not sneaking around happenings and he’s pretty sure Khali has no idea what’s going on right now. Sigh said that like the audience, he thinks it’s a waste of time. King says there’s one intimate relationship they want to reveal and it’s Jerry’s. some men like their women skinny, some curvy, some old. Jerry likes his women Young as in Mae Young! Mae comes out and mauls the heck out of Jerry, but I don’t think she slipped him the tongue.

Video of the parking lot, waiting for Batista to show up.

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Kofi out to the ring. King talks about hoping Jerry got a kick out of what they just did. Ted out to face Kofi. Video of Orton and Sheamus taking out Legacy earlier.

They lock up and Kofi is backed into a corner. Ted doesn’t give a clean break. Back in the ring Kofi tackles Ted hard. Back drop to Ted. Ted tries for a dropkick, but Kofi slapped it away. Kofi hit’s a dropkick on Ted. Kicks to Ted’s side. Kofi ducks a clothesline and slides out of the ring to trip Ted. Kofi climbs and hit’s a flying forearm. Another dropkick and Ted is down. Kofi drops his boom drop on Ted. Kofi tries to splash Ted in a corner, Ted moves, Kofi lands on his feet on the second ropes. Ted grabs Kofi and hits dream street for three.

– Winner: Ted DiBiase

The second of the class of 2010 HOF is Antonio Inoki. They showed a beautiful video about him.

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King talked about Bret saying goodbye, then they showed the video of backstage again. Then they show the security camera that took video from another angle with great audio and clear picture. The driver was no where near where he should have been to close Bret’s door, out of the way of the backing up car.

Video promo for Elimination Chamber that lasted almost two full minutes. King and Cole then went through who’d be in each Elimination Chamber Match.

Backstage Jerry gives a Final Thought. He said we saw the fun and Wilde side of the WWE, but this Sunday things get serious at Elimination Chamber. Will Taker retain? Will Sheamus continue to defy the naysayers? Who will Edge choose to face? After this Sunday the road to WM gets a lot clearer. Until then, take care of yourself and each other. Mae walks in and Jerry tells people not to judge him. They go off together as if a happy couple.

Cena backstage, heading for the ring.

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Video from SD! When Josh questioned Batista in the ring. Josh left in fear. Batista said they wanted an explanation? He then dropped his mic and kicked it. Huge heat.

Cena out to the ring. Video of Batista’s attack on Bret. It continued on with Batista beating up Cena after the show went off the air. Cena watched this on the tron. “Cena” chants. Cena says first things first. He doesn’t know where Bret is, but he wishes him well and they’re all pulling for him. Now onto Batista. We all saw the brutal attack and he doesn’t think he did anything to him. He doesn’t look for trouble, but if it’s there, he’ll fight. Batista said he’d come to RAW and respond to Cena’s threats. So Cena’s in the ring waiting. If Batista’s there why doesn’t he come out to the ring because Cena doesn’t make threats. He demands Batista comes out. Batista’s on the tron. Cena is sarcastic about it. Cena said he knows how to get Batista there, turn his back. Batista said he’s doing Cena a favor for not being there. He’s safer with Batista not in the building or the ring. If they’re ever in the ring together, and they probably will be, Cena will wish it’s a bad dream. Cena says those are the words of a tough guy. He saw Batista’s hands shaking because Batista’s acting tough and doesn’t’ want this. Batista laughs. Cena’s no dentist, but he’ll take care of that smile now. Batista says this is funny as Cena runs his big mouth when Batista’s not there. He can keep yapping because he’ll be there next week. Not on the tron, but in the arena. If Cena feels the same way, Batista will take care of him then. He wishes Cena luck in the Elimination Chamber, he’s pulling for Cena. Cena mocks that and then says if Batista wants some, come get some.

HHH’s music and he comes out to face Cena.

– Commercial

Jewel and Ty Murray will be the special guest hosts next week.

Side headlock on HHH, but he can’t seem to push out.Cena shoulder blocks HHH to the mat and locks a headlock on. To their feet and HHH tries to muscle
out but can’t. Cena shoulder blocks HHH, but HHH comes back with a knee. Shoulder blocks to Cena in a corner. Cena slammed into a corner. HHH punches Cena in the head a couple times. Cena reverses a whip and suplexes HHH for two. Punches to HHH and then he’s whipped to a corner. HHH pushes off Cena’s bulldog and Cena lands hard. HHH drops a knee. HHH goes for a second knee, but Super Cena puts his hands up and stops HHH’s falling leg! HHH pushes into a corner and flips over and out. Cena flies out onto HHH, but HHH sidesteps and Cena eats the barrier. HHH tries for a pedigree outside, but Cena reverses into a back body drop.

– Commercial

Sleeper locked on Cena. “Cena” chants from women and children. He gets free and hits shoulder blocks and a slam in what Cole calls ‘vintage Cena’. Cena hits his five knuckle shuffle. HHH clotheslines Cena for two. Cena set up top; punches from HHH. HHH climbs. HHH pushed off and Cena stands. HHH knocks Cena’s leg out from under him. HHH back up and Cena muscles free. Cena head butts HHH and hit’s a flying leg drop on HHH for a long two. Cena pulls HHH into the center of the ring, HHH rolls on his back. HHH grabs Cena’s leg and locks on a half Boston crab. Cena won’t tap and rolls through to lock on the STF. HHH gets to the ropes and breaks the hold. Cena gets HHH, but HHH grabs the ropes. Punches to HHH, but then Cena runs into the high knee. Cena telegraphs and a face buster. spine buster on Cena. HHH sets up for the pedigree, but then Sheamus is there and big boots the side of HHH’s head. Sheamus lines Cena up, but Cena moves Cena fights back and gets Sheamus up, but a rake to the eyes and Sheamus is free. Big boot to Cena! Sheamus sets up HHH and hits his border toss type move on him. Sheamus celebrates with his belt held high. “You suck!” chants.

Biggest pop
Bret Hart
Hornswoggle (when he was named the father of Kelly’s baby)

Biggest heat
Vince (in name only)