WWE Testing New Gimick PPV Ideas: War Games, Battle Bowl


As reported here this morning, WWE‘s 2009 financial results revealed a sharp decline in the 2009 Survivor Series PPV buyrate (down 26% from 2008) while the company’s new gimmick-themed events (Hell in a Cell, Bragging Rights, TLC) all did better than their 2008 counterparts.

Vince McMahon stated during this morning’s WWE conference call that the WWE Survivor Series title is “obsolete” and has “outlasted its usage.” He said WWE does not intend on using the name moving forward. As a result, it appears WWE is considering more gimick-themed PPVs, including several concepts used back in WCW.

In a survey sent out to the WWE Universe this morning (link) WWE asks fans what their level of interest is in the following potential PPV event themes:

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Tournament Event: Single elimination “bracket style” tournament where Superstars would compete in multiple matches during the night to become the tournament winner.

Street Fight Event: Main events would include”street fight” matches where there are no disqualifications and pin-falls count anywhere. Superstars often compete in normal street clothes.

Legends Event: Match participants would include WWE Legends from the past.

Money in the Bank Event The main event “Money in the Bank” match requires Superstars to climb a ladder and retrieve a briefcase hung high above the ring. The winner can “cash in” the briefcase for a championship title shot throughout the year. Qualifying matches earlier in the event will determine participants for the “Money in the Bank” match.

WWE Draft Event WWE‘s annual Draft where Superstars and Divas learn which brand they’ll be a part of for the next year. The Draft is often the beginning of new conflicts and matchups.

Battle Bowl Event Random tag-teams compete together – sometimes arch rivals – with the winning teams being put in a 2-ring Battle Royal. The winner could potentially receive a championship title match.

Roulette Event Main event match stipulations would be determined by the spin of a roulette-type wheel.

War Games Event Teams of 5 collide in 2 cages. 2 participants begin the match with a new participant added every 5 minutes. This process is alternated between teams until all members from both teams are present.