WWE’s Conflict With Existing “NXT” Promotion Resolved


WWE's NXT Generation

Shortly after WWE announced the name of their new show is “NXT,” it came out that there is already a promotion called NXT Wrestling, which was a developmental system for the UK’s Scottsh Wrestling Alliance.

SWA owner PJ Murphy has issued a statement regarding a potential conflict with WWE over the “NXT” trademark and the matter has been resolved. The statement reads as follows:

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WWE was proactive in working with us to come to mutually agreeable terms on the release of the NXT trademark once it learned of the potential conflict. The timing was right for us as we were planning on renaming the NXT brand to SWA:Source to be closer aligned with the SWA parent brand.”

-PJ Murphy, owner of the Scottish Wrestling Alliance”

WWE likely made Mr. Murphy an offer he couldn’t refuse and the final hurdle has been jumped en route to next Tuesday’s NXT debut.