Colt Cabana Calls His WWE Run “Upsetting and Ignorant”


Ring of Honor star Colt Cabana was a guest on the UK Sun’s One Sided Ring Podcast this week and spoke about his short stint in WWE last year. Cabana said his character was never given an identity, he never won any matches and many of the people in WWE didn’t even know who he was. “It was almost like there were two different types of people in WWE. There was the people who knew who I was, and the people who had no clue who I was,” Cabana said. “The people who knew who I was were the ones that liked me doing commentary, were the ones who fought to get me my own Internet show. I was never able to develop as a wrestler or a person. It was upsetting and ignorant.”

He says he likes WWE‘s new NXT concept and thinks he would have been a perfect candidate for the show if he was still under contract. “Timing is everything. I think that show was made for me. I think I would have been on that list. A guy like Heath Slater who has been around there forever, they are constantly giving him darks [tryout matches] and bringing him up and they don’t know what to do with him. It’s a perfect scenario for these guys they don’t know what to do with. Just let them go on TV and be themselves. A little bit of me is like ‘man, what I could do with that’. But when I saw that opportunity for NXT and I knew I wasn’t in it, that kinda hit me in the heart a little bit.”

You can listen to the entire interview on iTunes: (One Sided Ring Podcast)

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