Details On Bischoff's New Midget Wrestling Reality Show


Eric Bischoff‘s and Jason Hervey’s production company is developing a new wrestling-themed reality television project based around a midget wrestling promotion called Micro Championship Wrestling. Bischoff and Hervey are using the iMPACT Zone to film the show but this is not a TNA project and it’s not being filmed for Spike TV.

Spike also has a new midget wrestling reality show called Half Pint Brawlers and Bischoff’s new project is something separate.

It looks like Hulk Hogan also might have some involvement with the project, as he is shown cutting a promo for Micro Championship Wrestling at their website,

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The first taping will be this Thursday at the iMPACT Zone and Eric Bischoff will be appearing on cmeara.

The promotion is asking that fans do not wear t-shirts with a TNA logo, as they’re looking to establish themselves as a totally separate company. It’s believed that the taping is being filmed for a pilot on TruTV.

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