New Details On The Rock's WWE Return This Summer


Dwayne "The ROCK" Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will in fact be returning to WWE this summer – and his return will be more than just a one-night gig hosting RAW.

In a radio interview with Boston’s Mix 104 last month, Johnson shed some new light on his return, which is expected to take place this summer.

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When asked if he plans on wrestling a match in WWE this summer, The Rock said:

“How I would come back is a different capacity than what Hulk Hogan did or I believe Ric Flair is doing. Those guys are coming back to actually wrestle. I don’t want to wrestle; I have no intention of wrestling a match.”

.. at least that’s what he’s saying. So if he’s not wrestling, what’s the plan?

The Rock plans on having a major impact on WWE programming and could serve as a semi-permanent RAW Guest host for the entire summer:

“I do have intention of going back and hosting the show. Hosting a show like that would give me the opportunity to get on the microphone, rip open the writing, and invite guests on to come host with me. We wanted to create something cool and big and fun for the audience.”

The Rock‘s WWE return appears to be this summer’s big angle. Two years ago, WWE went with “Million Dollar Mania” to spice things up. Last year, Donald Trump “bought” Raw and kicked off the weekly Guest Host storyline. While The Rock claims that he currently has no plan to get back in the ring when he returns to WWE in a few months, his presence alone on WWE television should be enough to heat things up this summer headed into SummerSlam.

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