TNA Negotiating With Huge Name For Monday Surprise

Advertisement can confirm that TNA Wrestling has been in talks with former WWE and ECW Champion Rob Van Dam in recent weeks about joining the company.

RVD and TNA have had ongoing talks for several months, including for the first live Monday iMPACT! on January 4th. While Van Dam obviously did not appear back in January, a reliable source has informed us that negotiations have heated up in recent weeks and TNA is pushing hard for RVD to make a surprise appearance on Monday’s live iMPACT!, the first night of the new Monday Night War. It is possible Van Dam has already signed and the company is keeping it under wraps to maximize the iMPACT! when he appears on Monday.

Van Dam has been outspoken in recent interviews about his desire to return to the national wrestling scene, but does not want to put himself through WWE‘s grueling travel schedule. Hulk Hogan recently called in to Rob Van Dam’s online radio show and made a public pitch for Van Dam to join him in TNA, saying the company “needs” him. Van Dam sounded open to Hogan’s proposal and said the two would talk after the show went off the air.

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UPDATE: Hulk Hogan Strongly Hints RVD Has Signed With TNA (Video)

Aside from Rob Van Dam, we can also confirm that TNA is working on several other surprises for Monday night.

We’ll have more on the surprises being discussed over the weekend – so stay tuned.