What You Didn't See At RAW: Jim Ross, Dark Matches


Before RAW:

– The dark match before last night’s RAW saw Vladimir Kozlov defeat a local wrestler.

– William Regal vs. Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston vs. Chavo Guerrero was taped before last night’s RAW to air on this Thursday’s WWE Superstars.

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– Chavo Guerrero noted on Twitter last night that he was busted open above his eye and had to get 6 stitches after his match with Kofi Kingston at the tapings.

Jim Ross Appears:

Jim Ross made an appearance before the live crowd at last night’s RAW in Oklahoma City. There were fan reports saying Ross told the fans he would be ringside at WrestleMania but Ross cleared it up on Twitter later, saying he hopes to be ringside at WrestleMania and it’s nothing confirmed. Reports say that JR looked better than he has in a while and has lost some weight.

After RAW went off the air:

– When RAW went off the air Shaemus came back and threw HHH into the ring. Batista’s music hits and he said you don’t just beat down a guy like HHH, you take them out, let me show you. He runs to the ring and just before they start beating on HHH, Cena’s music hits and he runs to the ring. The Shaemus and Batista clear the ring and Cena gets on the mic and says something to the effect of “let’s have a tag team match right now” They all get up and a tag match begins. Went back and forth for a little bit in a real good match and eventually Cena hits the ring and tears up Shaemus does the five knuckle shuffle on Shaemus and then looks at Batista begging him to come in the ring. Dave then decides to walk out of the arena, looks like we wont get to see them go at it until mania. Cena turns back around and gives the AA to shaemus then looks to HHH who wants in. HHH is tagged in and gives Shaemus the suck it before pedigreeing him and getting the pinfall victory. HHH and Cena then spend about 10 minutes walking around the ring high fiving all the fans. Good times were had by all.