Goldust To “Tell All” In Upcoming Book, Lawler Turns 61, More


Cody Rhodes revealed in an interview with WWE Magazine that the contents of his brother Goldust’s forthcoming book, Cross Rhodes, were surprising to him.

“I’ve heard my dad’s stories, I saw his DVD, and I’ve heard some of Goldust’s stories. But even as his brother, there was so much that I hadn’t heard,” Rhodes said. “He was very open in the writing of this book and talked very honestly about his career and his choices and how the things that have happened to him have affected it. I honestly think it’s going to shock readers.”

When asked to dish out some of the dirt in the book, Rhodes says Goldust openly discusses working and traveling with Marlena.

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Cross Rhodes is one of those ‘dirty secret’ books, and anyone who’s a Goldust fan is going to find something interesting,” he added.

— Jerry “The King” Lawler celebrates his birthday today as he turns 61 years old. “Mean” Gene Okerlund also turns 68 years old, while former WWE Champion John “Bradshaw” Layfield is 44.

— Percy Pringle (a/k/a Paul Bearer) noted in a blog post that his father was involved in an accident yesterday as his car popped out of gear and ran over his foot. After being evaluated in an emergency room, it was discovered that he had not broken a single bone.