Matt Hardy Films Reality Show, MVP Vents Frustrations & More


Matt Hardy, Gregory Helms and a few of their friends filmed an episode of NBC’s Marrige Ref show this weekend. The filmiing took place inside a wrestling ring on Matt Hardy‘s property in North Carolina. The show will air on NBC in December. Hardy wrote the following on Twitter about the taping:

“Had a blast being a part of NBC’s “Marriage Ref” shoot today featuring Kimo in my BCR Dome.. Me, Helms, Shatter & Aden worked Kimo hard.”

– MVP and Chris Jericho went back and forth a bit on Twitter, with both men poking fun at the way MVP has been booked in recent months. Jericho asked MVP, “are you still with the company?” MVP replied, “Barely it would seem. Just barely.”

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A fan later asked why does MVP always get “screwed over” on SmackDown, to which he replied, “If you find out let me know please! Lol.”