Paul Bearer Thanks The McMahons For Saving His Life


WWE performer Paul Bearer updated his blog on Thanksgiving and once again thanked the McMahon family for saving his life by paying for his gastric bypass surgery a few years ago.

Bearer wrote on

“I weighed 525 pounds at my highest, which the photo above certainly serves as evidence. I eventually lost a total of 240 pounds. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I would died long before cancer took my wife Dianna from me, if I had not recieved that surgery, which by the way was paid in full by Vince McMahon and WWE. I have since regained in the neighborhood of 40 pounds, but after weighing what I did, no words are necessary, and will make no excuses for regaining one single pound.”

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“Although I bitch and complain about everyday aches and pains, I’m OK at 56-years old. The extensive test WWE put me through before they allowed me to returned proved that. The traveling I have been doing is a stress test in itself. However, I could be better, and as it’s been that way my entire life, that’s my own fault… but that’s just me.”

“I could ramble on for pages here, but that old adage stands here… if you understand no words are necessary, if you don’t, not enough words will do. I will say that I would have NEVER expected to be doing what I am today again. I had put that part of my life on the shelve and kind of wanted it to stay there. But… I am truly blessed to be back at he top of the game I treasure so much, and has been a part of me almost all of my life. I thank The McMahon Family and Company, and a handful of dear brothers that made this return possible, no matter how long it lasts. It’s been a good thing for me.”