What Happened After RAW: Lawler Birthday Celebration


Here’s a recap of what happened after Monday’s WWE RAW went off the air, compiled from several live reports sent in from fans who attended the show:

After the credits aired and the cameras stopped filming, Wade Barrett came back and called out John Cena. Cena came through the crowd but was quickly confronted by the members of Nexus.

After a brief staredown, Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry came to Cena’s aid and chased off Nexus. John Cena battled Barrett and fought Wade Barrett for a few minutes before hitting the Nexus leader with the Attitude Adjustment and the 5 Knuckle Shuffle.

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Cena grabbed a microphone and told the crowd it was Jerry “The King” Lawler’s birthday. Several divas came out with a cake for Lawler and the entire arena sang happy birthday. Cena and Lawler got into a food fight and everybody went home happy.