Jim Ross Comments On John Morrison, Reaction To Lawler vs. Miz


Jim Ross posted a new blog entry on his official website, jrsbarbq.com. The following items are among the highlights:

CM Punk‘s second week of commentary on Raw: “I thought that CM Punk did well for his second night on the job especially considering the magnitude of the main event Monday night that Punk was left to handle alone at crunch time. Doing live commentary on a broadcast like Raw isn’t an easy assignment particularly for someone with little experience. Punk adds a unique element to the broadcast which is always a positive. I’m happy for the Chicago native and enjoy his wit.”

Jerry Lawler vs. The Miz on Raw: “For any young wrestler or wannabe who wants to learn how to pace a match, tell a story, do less with more and to invest the audience, I strongly suggest that you re-watch the Jerry Lawler vs. Miz WWE Title match from this past Monday’s Raw. It was classic example of story telling and the 61 year old King was amazing. Miz is a ‘beatable’ champion which I personally perceive to be a good thing. Hats off to all involved in what I felt was one of the most compelling, unpredictable main events on MNR in a long while.”

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Whether John Morrison can reach main event level: “John Morrison, even in a losing effort, had a memorable night on Raw with three, solid outings. Morrison is showing more toughness in his bell to bell outings which I personally like. The UC Davis grad is extremely athletic and has the required charisma to become a main event level hand sooner than later.”

The blog can be read in its entirety here.