JR Blog: Cena-Punk, Nexus, Vickie Fat Jokes, Savage, Taz & More


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with another blog update, which you can read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are some highlights of what JR said about:

What’ Next For The Nexus: “What’s next for Nexus? Big question here on this site from a multitude of folks. It seems as if John Cena is moving on to CM Punk, which I personally think will be stout, but I can’t see Nexus evaporating. I predict that Nexus will return in some shape, form or fashion in the near future and how they address their internal issues could potentially be interesting TV.”

Vickie Guerrero Fat Jokes: “The volume of emails and Tweets that we have received regarding the ‘fat jokes’ directed toward Vickie Guerrero this week on WWE TV has been staggering. Not all were negative as many fans enjoyed the segments in question and called them ‘laugh out loud funny.’ Other, however, have expressed displeasure and some have provided us with some extreme analogies. One emailer scolded me as if he knew me because I said that the segment did not offend me and that it reminded me of a ‘TV Roast’ and it was the ‘good guys’ having fun with the villain (Vickie G.) The live audience loved the segment or so it seemed to me by what I was hearing and seeing. By endorsing the comedy bit, I’ve been accused of being the kind of person who causes incidents such as Columbine. Columbine? Really? Because I actually found the topic in question to be funny, I’ve also been accused of not having any ‘guts.’ I seriously doubt that individual would say to my face and often wonder if some seemingly obsessed fans are just as hellbent on the really important things in their lives as they are about a pro wrestling TV show. Hey, I get it if every one doesn’t like the same things that I do and I appreciate reading various points of view. However, to compare what happens on a pro wrestling show to a tragedy such as Columbine is ridiculous.”

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Announcing With Randy Savage: “An emailer asked me how I liked broadcasting with Randy Savage. Savage was a little challenging not because he lacked skill or knowledge but because he was extremely unpredictable about what he was going to say and when he was going to say it. Macho Man certainly kept one on their toes.”

Smackdown’s Rating: “Great TV rating on Tuesday night for Smackdown. Biggest rating in years as best I know. That’s the difference in being on a network such as USA as opposed to their sister network, the fledgling Syfy Network. USA is a monster among cable networks and being on a lesser entity, as other wrestling shows are as well, is simply a daunting task.”

Taz’s New “Finishing School”: “Really happy to hear of the initial success that Taz’ dojo is having. Taz will coach up wrestlers with experience and remember this is not a dojo for beginners. I highly recommend that young wrestlers check Taz’ new biz out. It’s based in Long Island, New York as many of you already know. I really enjoyed working at the announce table with Taz in WWE.”

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