Mickie James Talks About Her Music Career & Leaving WWE


ESPN.com Page 2 writer Josh Stewart posted comments on his blog from an interview he recently conducted with Mickie James that weren’t featured in the piece.

The TNA Knockout said her former employer, World Wrestling Entertainment, had a chance to coordinate her music career, but didn’t. She feels it’s difficult for talent to have outside projects under their auspices.

“They had every opportunity to jump onboard if they wanted to, and I would have welcomed it,” she said. “If they wanted to wrap a tour around some of the live event shows, or maybe market the album itself.

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“I think because it’s an industry they really don’t know anything about… I think they had a really killer idea on their hand that they probably dropped the ball on.”

She also commented on her national singing debut earlier this month on TNA iMPACT!, which was interrupted when Tara attacked her (producing a near wardrobe malfunction as she fought back while holding up her dress).

“I was really singing during that performance, because I thought in my mind as a performer, you know, you can do it one of two ways. Because it is a show, and TV, and you can do things a number of ways. Honestly, I found we were going to be doing that pretty much the day before we taped it. So, we were given the option, ‘Do you want to sing to your backup track?’… And I said absolutely not. I want people to see that I’m serious about this. And if I got up there and for whatever reason something goes wrong, then I only have myself to blame.”