Report On Hardy Wrestling While Impaired, Claim Of Drug Use


To follow-up on last week’s story of Jeff Hardy almost being pulled from TNA Wrestling’s Final Resolution pay-per-view and stripped of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship due to his condition backstage at the event, Bill Behrens, who coordinates independent bookings for several TNA stars including Shannon Moore, noted on his weekly podcast that company officials have allowed Hardy in the past to wrestle while impaired.

Behrens also discussed Hardy’s vicious chair shot to the back of Ken Anderson’s head in October, which resulted in the former Mr. Kennedy suffering a severe concussion and sizable wound. He said that Anderson is in a great position to sue the organization since he could claim Hardy was unfit to compete when he issued the negligent chairshot.

Behrens says it’s considered an “open secret” within the company that Hardy is still using drugs and thus they wouldn’t have a chance in court.

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