Talk Of iMPACT! Going On The Road, Celebs Contact TNA


– Once again, there is talk within TNA about taking iMPACT! on the road and filming episodes outside of the iMPACT! Zone in Orlando, reports Most iMPACT! shows would still take place from Orlando, but the company wants to strengthen its fan base in other markets and the occasional show would be held in small arenas in other cities.

TNA knows that one of the best ways to get feedback on their product is to judge the reaction of a live crowd – and having the same batch of fans in the audience every single week is not an ideal situation.

– TNA President Dixie Carter wrote on Twitter this week that several celebrities are interested in supporting the company’s anti-bullying campaign. She wrote:

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“Several celebrities have been in contact with TNA about taking part in our Eliminate The Hate campaign – great to hear so many want to help!”

– Former WWE and TNA star BG James is now on Twitter at @BGRoadDoggJames.