Vance Archer Says WWE Dropped The Ball By Releasing Him


Lance Hoyt (a/k/a Vance Archer), who was released by World Wrestling Entertainment on Nov. 19 alongside alongside Luke Gallows, Tiffany, Caylen Croft, Jillian Hall and Shad Gaspard, feels the company made a mistake by cutting him loose. Hoyt told Slam Wrestling during a recent interview:

“For me it was a budgetary decision that was what was told to m.” he said. “I was obviously disappointed and felt WWE was making a mistake.

“They dropped the ball by releasing me; I only regret not pushing the right people harder for more.”

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In the meantime, Hoyt will continue to hone his craft on the independent scene until he can return to a major promotion. He still believes he can be a major force in WWE if given the opportunity to shine.

“I simply believe that I am that star that WWE is looking for,” he said. “But in this business you have to be put in the right spotlight for that to be recognized. Give me that spotlight and you won’t be able to look away.

“I will get back [to WWE] and I will be a star. It’s never a good feeling when leaving your dream job. But I will be back.”