What Led To Kaitlyn Winning NXT, Notes On Eliminated Rookies


It is said that fan balloting for the winner of NXT played a huge part in WWE‘s decision to have Kaitlyn beat Naomi for the season three crown.

While the company does not disclose details on how eliminations are determined, Kaitlyn won a vote — advertised as 50 percent audience and 50 percent Pros.

Besides Kaitlyn, AJ is expected to be retained on television, likely with Primo on Raw. While not confirmed, it is expected that Kaitlyn will join the Smackdown brand to continue her interaction with Vickie Guerrero.

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In regards to the runner-up of NXT season three, Naomi, many people within the company are high on her as a long-term project due to her stellar athletic ability.

Meanwhile, there is no clear-cut decision on the future of Maxine and Aksana. It’s expected that both will continue working Florida Championship Wrestling events.

Jamie Keyes was released following her elimination and a number of people were surprised to see her brought back for last night’s show. The other women were on the road every week with WWE following their elimination.

source: PWInsider.com