WWE Stars Tweet About Traveling Through The Big Snow Storm


Several WWE superstars and divas have gone on Twitter to share their adventures traveling through the major snow storm that hit the North East United States over the weekend. Here are some highlights of what they said:

John Cena: “So much snow,” Cena wrote. “MSG [Saturday] night was unreal. We got stuck in the show for a while, but we made it to Albany. Ready for Raw.”

Ted DiBiase: “Guess who drove 10 hrs in this blizzard from Harrisburg PA to Albany? …. This guy did!! And now up doing some media letting you all know.. The show WILL go on!!!”

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“I had some near death experiences last night, but everyday we are more near to death than the last.. Enjoy this one. By watching RAW on USA!”

“Just FYI, a 3 1/2 to 4hr drive extended to a 10 hr drive. It was bad. If you can avoid driving in it.. Don’t! It’s sooo much fun!! Unlike NFL, we have no off season and we DO NOT reschedule RAW!””

Bella Twins: Nothin’ like gettin’ stuck in snow & then pushin’ your car out in lace tights & pencil skirt…. And the skirt splits!!

Christian: “Last flight home frm holidays.Delays+missed flights=Brutal.& all the recycled air cant b good better antioxidize whn I get 2 CasaDeCharisma”

Natalya Neidhart: “Its a long story- but I made it to Chicago by the hair of my chinny chin chin! Four re-routed flts later- just in time to kick some butt!!”

Melina: “Running thru the snow like a kid… Kinda like I do in the rain. It was so much fun! Then I kicked some snow & the wind blew it in my face!”

“Biggest snow storm I ever seen in nyc .. The sky just felt on us … Trying to make it to Albany, NY. ??? The road s INSANE. Saw over 20 accidents, we got stuck in snow few times! Unbeleivable.”