Wrestlers Comment On Sunday’s Royal Rumble PPV


Here’s what several past and present WWE superstars are saying about Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view:

Shawn Michaels on Kevin Nash: “Hey I know that guy!!! First guy to get a chant!!!”

Chris Jericho on Kevin Nash: “Great seeing Deisel back in the WWE. Perfect use of him for a “nice surprise””

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Chris Jericho on John Morrison: “Morrisons barrier jump spot was incredible! An all-time Rumble highlight”

DDP on the Rumble: “Havent watched WWE in a long time. Just watched Edge and Dolph have a Great match at The Rumble… Looking forward to Miz ORTON”

Eve Torres on winning the Divas Title: “What good is an opportunity if you are not ready for it? Stay ready, keep beliEVEing, your moment may be today! What an unpredictable, crazy, amazing night! Thank you BeliEVErs. We did it!”

Kofi Kingston: “Wow, what a night. The crowd was sick tonight! Best rumble Ive been a part of thus far. The road to wrestlemania has officially begun!”

Val Venis on Albert Del Rio: “I am very happy for Del Rio. He is truly a great performer. Vince is hearing Cha Ching with Del Rio. Or at least he should be hearing that.”

Carlito on Del Rio: “I guess I dont have special powers! Congrats to del rio and the wwe for changing things up!”

Shane Helms on Del Rio: “Del Rio is 1/3 JBL, 1/3 Ricky Ricardo, and 1/3 Ric Flair. Hope to see him go far.”

Jim Ross on Booker T & Kevin Nash: “Thought Booker & Nash both physically looked super 2nite. I hope they stick around WWE. TBD, I suppose.”