WWE’s PPV Schedule, WM27 Sponsor Still Needed, Summerslam


As we touched on yesterday in our post about the Diva Search Competition would be returning this year (details), WWE held a web conference to entice potential advertisers to promote their products with WWE. WWE‘s Senior Vice President of Partner Sales Joe DelGrosso hosted the event.

Aside from the news that the Diva Search competition would be returning, the following things were also discussed:

WWE will not be cutting back from 13 pay-per-view events a year. 13 pay-per-views is actually the “minimum” going forward, implying that more pay-per-view events may be added in the future.

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WWE is hoping to have SummerSlam take place from Los Angeles, California every year. WWE regards SummerSlam as the second biggest show of the year and the company likes hosting it out in LA, where they have access to celebrities.

WWE is still looking for sponsors for WrestleMania in April. Sponsors can come aboard for a 5 week promotional period (Feb 28th-April 3rd).

— WWE pushed that 7-Eleven, Slim Jim and Twix have all enjoyed very successful sponsorship campaigns with the company.

Mr. DelGrosso closed the presentation by showing a slide which highlighted the Ad Age endorsement of WWE as “the hottest brand of 2010.”