Heyman Talks Lesnar-McMahon, Jericho Says Screw UFC Fighters


– Paul Heyman wrote the following on Twitter on Saturday night during UFC 126 regarding Vince McMahon and Brock Lesnar:

“It’s funny. Vince McMahon hated when I called Brock Lesnar “The Next Big Thing!” HATED IT. WANTED ME TO STOP CALLING BROCK THAT NAME! I’ll tell that whole story … and a lot more … in the book this year. Brock comments on it in his book, too. It was a real war to get Vince to let me keep calling Brock “The Next Big Thing!””

Chris Jericho wrote the following on Twitter last night  during the show Рwhich is sure to get a rise out of MMA enthusiasts:

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“Ok guess I’m the only “old school pro wrestler” to say it…screw UFC fighters. U could NEVER do what me and my brothers do.”

Jim Ross was also tweeting during the UFC 126 pay-per-view, writing the following about Anderson Silva’s knockout win over Vitor Belfort in the first round of the main event:

“Good God Almighty what a front kick by Anderson Silva! He’s money. What a post fight promo. Everyone knows Anderson speaks some English. :)”