Punk vs. Orton Feud, Triple H’s Training, Ziggler’s Bro


– On Monday’s RAW, we saw Randy Orton and CM Punk continue their on-again off-again feud, with Nexus beating down Orton in a segment that resulted in Orton bloodying Punk’s nose. During RAW, they showed a clip from Unforgiven 2008, when Randy Orton‘s Legacy defunct group attacked Punk and cost him the World Heavyweight championship.

A source in WWE tells us that it was actually CM Punk who reminded WWE creative about the Legacy attack from Unforgiven 2008, which resulted in the clip being shown.

Dolph Ziggler‘s brother Ryan Nemeth captured the vacant OVW Southern Tag Team titles with his partner Paredyse at the OVW show this past Saturday night.

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– T-Nation.com has an artichokecle up by trainer Joe DeFranco talking about how after Triple H injured himself while filming a movie and had to have his most recent surgery, the WWE Superstar contacted DeFranco about shoulder training. DeFranco worked with Triple H on a routine called “Shoulder Shocker.” DeFranco wrote:

“I’ve been using these guidelines with WWE wrestler Triple H. He trained like a bodybuilder for years with lots of overhead pressing, and it caught up with him. Today, he can’t believe how much better his shoulders are feeling and how much faster his rehab from surgery is going.

During our last training session he told me that his shoulders are just as good as they were when he was hammering away at them, only now they’re pain-free. He’s been using the Shoulder Shocker for the last four months.”