Major Newspaper Reporting That Sting Has Signed With WWE




The New York Daily News newspaper is reporting today that wrestling icon Sting has signed a one-year contract with WWE.

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Sting, arguably the biggest wrestling star of the past 20 years to never work for WWE, is reportedly a free agent and had not signed another 1-year contract extension with TNA, as he’s done in recent years.

WWE has been interested in working with Sting several times in the past, but the two were never able to come to terms on the specifics (money, schedule, etc.). Additionally, Sting was outspoken about the adult-themed content on WWE television in previous years, but the current PG-era has cleared that hurdle.

After checking with our sources, we are still unable to confirm this story, so for now take this as a rumor – but it’s a major story if this one pans out.

If true, he would almost certainly be working a match at WrestleMania, which takes place from Atlanta, Georgia, the former home of the company Sting had his biggest run in, WCW. Sting vs. The Undertaker has been talked about for years as one of the last big WrestleMania dream matches out there.

We’ll be sure to follow up on this story when new details become available.

Here’s the report from the NY Daily News: