TNA iMPACT! Does Strong Rating: Matt Hardy Takes Credit


Thursday’s episode of TNA iMPACT! featured the big reveal of who “THEY” are – and it resulted in one of the highest ratings for the show ever. The 2/3 iMPACT! did a strong 1.31 rating with 1,953,000 viewers – making it one of the Top 5 highest rated episodes of the show ever.

Here’s what several TNA personalities are saying about the rating on Twitter:

Dixie Carter: “Last night was our 2nd highest rated Thursday night iMPACT! ever!! Thank you all so much!! Lots of great TV coming up… Stay tuned.”

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Taz: “Another huge rating for TNA iMPACT! Awesome job by the  Talent,Agents,Production, Russo,Eric B, Matt! Last but not least, Dixie…Congrats!”

Matt Hardy: “Hulkster & Jeff brought me in & the ratings keep growin-Coincidence?I think not! FACT! .. Dixie, u can thank ME & Jeff 4 the ratings jump-just saying”