Trish Stratus Compares NXT Stars Joining RAW & SmackDown To WCW Stars Joining WWE


The brand split is bringing back old memories for WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, who says the separation was a “good move.”

In a recent interview with Total Wrestling Magazine, Trish says WWE‘s roster is deep enough with talent to pull off the brand split effectively. She says splitting the roster across RAW and SmackDown gives WWE the opportunity to spend more time developing each character.

“You can only highlight so many characters on one show and with so many NXT talent coming in, which is somewhat of a parallel to back in my day when we had the WCW talent come in, this gives the audience two separate platforms for storylines to unfold,” Trish said “Having new talent come in is obviously a plus, new faces is always good to keep the product fresh. It’s especially good, the fact that the audience is familiar with the current crop coming in, as opposed to a brand new persona they need to develop.”

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Trish also gave her thoughts on SmackDown going live, saying that when it was taped it was missing the element of surprise. She feels that the show going live on Tuesday nights was a good move and that it forces talent to stay on their toes.

“When I was around you were always glad you were on Raw excited to be on a live telecast,” Trish continued, “also, it was a great challenge and a good learning tool to have the pressure to have to perform live with no editing to help your performance – or audience reaction, you had to earn it.”

Stratus was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.