Broken Family Member Hints at Joining Matt Hardy Again


His principal role is preparing battlefields for massacres and he played an integral part in the original Broken universe.

Reby Hardy’s real-life father, Senor Benjamin, Tweeted for the first time in over 2 months following Matt Hardy‘s “Broken” tease last night.

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Translated into English the phrase means “they called me?” or “Someone’s calling me?”, something along those lines.

Senor Benjamin in the Broken Universe

Senor Benjamin’s role in the original “Broken” universe in Impact Wrestling was significant. After the Hardys left Impact, the family would later claim he was never paid for his services to the company. This became part of their claim that Impact did not own the rights to the Broken family gimmick.

Senor Benjamin also posted the following video 2 months ago, seemingly upset at Bray Wyatt:

Reby Hardy has been re-tweeting posts about Matt, and also posted the following: