Cody & Young Bucks Planning Show At 10,000 Seat Arena


Bullet Club members Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks are looking to self-finance a show to take place in a 10,000 seat arena. Cody has mentioned headlining a show with 10,000 people as a personal goal of his since leaving WWE.

Cody had hinted last week that “the Elite” were scouting possible locations:

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Typical Attendance Figures in the United States

While independent wrestling is as hot as its ever been, they will have their work cut out for them to fill a 10,000 seat arena. Ring of Honor shows typically draw a few thousand fans depending on the building.

NJPW‘s G1 special in the United States drew 2,300 fans, though some complained they should have run a larger building.

For Cody and the Young Bucks to be¬†successful, they will have to eclipse recent independent wrestling attendance figures. If their show is built-up as a can’t miss spectacle that fans will travel to see, however, they might do exactly that.