Chad Gable On His New Partnership With Shelton Benjamin


Former WWE SmackDown Live Tag Team Champion Chad Gable recently did an interview with The Nottingham Post to promote the WWE‘s current European tour. Gable discussed adapting to the WWE‘s style when he signed with the promotion back in 2013, and teaming with both Jason Jordan and Shelton Benjamin. You can check out the highlights here:

Adapting to the WWE‘s style upon signing with them in 2013:

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“Coming in, I was big fan of technical wrestling but I quickly had to learn that is a small part of what we do. It took me a while to get to grips with that. I credit the Performance Center a lot of that. We had to do a lot of what we call promo classes and I was thrust in there from week one.

“I was thrown in front of 60 people I’d never met and it was just the most gut wrenching thing for me. It killed me every week. It was high and anxiety but like anything else, it gets easier week after week.”

Teaming with Jason Jordan and now teaming with Shelton Benjamin:

“I was disappointed in the fact we had a lot more to offer than we showed on Smackdown. We won the tag titles but that didn’t show what we are capable of. I’m very willing to try something new though. It also let me show what I can do as a singles wrestler.

“I hope me and Shelton get a chance to show our personality. The new team is something we’re working on. It so new to us and we have to get to know each other. We share the amateur background and that helps a lot. He’s considered a veteran now. He’s had a lot of success. He’s been stuck with a new kid and that could be frustrating for him, but we’ve had some success and he’s fully on board. I am too. Once we really get on the same page we’ll be formidable.”

You can read Gable’s full interview with The Nottingham Post by clicking this link here.