Chris Jericho On WWE Denying NXT Talent On His Cruise


Chris Jericho recently had an interview with Killing The Town podcast where the former World Champion talked about his upcoming Cruise Of Jericho and more. Below are some of the highlights from his interview:

Getting the idea for his cruise from a Kiss Kruise

“The idea [for the ‘Jeri-cruise’] came from, so Fozzy was invited, and you’ll know, I mean, everybody knows, but you’ll understand just how big this is for me, Lance, when we got invited to play The KISS Kruise in 2015, “It was like, ‘oh my gosh, KISS is inviting us to be one of the bands on the cruise!’, which, of course, is based around KISS.I was thinking about it and as soon as the boat docked [after The KISS Kruise], I remember I called my manager and I was like, ‘I can do this – I can do a rock and wrestling cruise. It’s a combination of what I’m known for. Nobody else on the planet can do this because that’s kind of my reputation, being in a rock ‘n’ roll band and being in the [pro] wrestling business.'”

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How much time it took him to put together the cruise:

“It took me two years to get it rolling because there [were] a lot of reasons why it can’t work and [the cruise company] not understanding what wrestling fans are, how big wrestling can be, And then, once I started thinking about that, ‘who do I bring onboard the ship?’ Do you know what I mean? ‘Do I try to book a card, Don versus Lance and Chris versus Rey Mysterio? I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do. Well, happens if you get hurt? What happens if you get signed by the WWE? What am I going to do?’ Well, then I thought, ‘maybe I’ll bring a company onboard. That way, no matter what happens, the company exists, so if this guy’s signed by the WWE or this guy gets hurt, I’ll still have the company name on the bill and that’s all I need.”

WWE declining his offer:

“Here’s the thing. I did my due diligence, Obviously, I was working for WWE at the time. I took it to Triple H. I wanted to see if NXT would do it and to see if they’d be interested in doing that. We had some conversations, and, basically, typically WWE, after three months of talking about it, I had a 35-minute conversation with three executives that I’ve never heard of before just to tell us that they’re passing. And I was like, ‘why didn’t you just tell me in, like, three minutes, ‘we’re passing?” I had to sit there for 35 minutes and hear all the reasons why: I mean, Vince doesn’t like doing cruises; he saw somebody got food poisoning on the cruise once and now he’s terrified that the whole crew ship was going to be poisoned. I was like, ‘is he scared that we’re going to hit an iceberg as well as we go to Mexico?’ and I knew that was going to happen because WWE doesn’t play well with others and I understood that, but I wanted to do my due diligence, like I said, at least present them the opportunity. And the day they said, ‘no,’ I told Triple H, ‘I’m still going to do this. This is happening either way.’ And he said, ‘yeah, sure. No problem.’ I made the call to Ring Of Honor and signed them on later on that week.”

His recent WWE run being the best:

“I don’t need [pro] wrestling. I still love it. I still enjoy it. I had the best year this year and in 2016. Those guys were such great guys. I made some lifelong friends with Gallows and Anderson, and Roman Reigns, and Samoa Joe, and I mean, just the best guys and we had so much fun.”

Quotes via WrestlingInc