Cody Rhodes Reveals If There Are Plans To Have Him Face Kenny Omega


Former WWE Superstar and current Ring Of Honor (ROH) World Heavyweight Champion Cody Rhodes recently spoke with UPI on a number of professional wrestling topics. “The American Nightmare” discussed the success ROH has seen since he’s become their champion, working with Stephen Amell from Arrow (as he is set to appear at an ROH live event in San Antonio), and the possibility of facing Kenny Omega. Here are the highlights:

The success of ROH since becoming champion:

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“Nothing has been more exciting for me knowing that Ring of Honor is experiencing their best crowds, their best buy rates and their best merchandise numbers while I’m the champion. I definitely don’t think it’s a direct correlation because I’m the champion but I do think it’s a small part of it and that makes me very proud.”

Working with Stephen Amell:

“I know from having worked with Stephen in WWE and having worked with him on the set of Arrow, Stephen doesn’t like to do anything that’s not hands on. So I would imagine in San Antonio he will be doing something and he will be getting physical. He loves wrestling and you feel that coming off Stephen so people respect him right away.”

Possibly facing Kenny Omega:

“I think its probably something that if it was the right show, the right cause, it could happen. Right now no plans, but who knows. It’s definitely something that has been requested and you can feel it and if you can feel it in wrestling, it usually happens.”

You can check out Rhodes’ interview with UPI by clicking this link here.