WWE Championship Presented To Manchester Arena Staff & Emergency Responders


On May 22nd 2017, Manchester Arena was targeted during a terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert. The attack resulted in the death of 23 people, as well as causing injuries to another 500, only 2 months after a previous terror attack in London.

During the terror attack in London, an off duty police officer, Charlie Guenigault jumped into service and assisted those in need. The heroic amateur rugby player was stabbed while protecting another officer, by tackling 1 of the 3 attackers to the ground. Charlie sustained injuries to his leg, head, back and stomach, literally putting his body on the line to protect and serve – even when off duty.

A month afterwards, Charlie Guenigault was surprised by Triple H who presented him with a custom made WWE Championship Title, to honour and respect his pure heroism in the face of an extreme and horrific situation.

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Prior to the presentation, Sami Zayn had sent a personal video message as the officer wore Zayn’s “Worlds Apart” t-shirt.


A similar gesture was made to the staff of the Manchester Arena, and the local Manchester emergency services, as WWE superstars presented another custom Championship title.

Titus O’Neil, Matt Hardy, Bailey, and Mickie James took part in the presentation on behalf of WWE who are currently taping RAW and SmackDown Live at the Manchester Arena during the UK tour.

Matt Hardy gave the following short statement:

To the staff of the Manchester Arena and the incredible Emergency Services who put their lives before others to help, we thank you. As a token of our respect and gratitude, we present you with this WWE Title, our way of recognising true champions.

Titus O’Neil added:

WWE has a fantastic and longstanding relationship with the Manchester Arena, dating back almost 20 years. As we have done for two decades, as we will tonight and tomorrow night, and as we will into the future… we stand with you, and we stand with Manchester.