DDP Talks Suffering An Injury After Signing A Seven-Figure Contract In WCW


WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page recently spoke to the Atlanta Business Chronicle on a number of professional wrestling topics. DDP talked about suffering an injury after signing a seven-figure contract with WCW, his goal for DDP Yoga within the next four years, and who was the first WWE Superstar to use the DDP Yoga program. Here are the highlights:

Suffering an injury in WCW after signing a seven-figure contract:

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“I started wrestling when I was 35, but my career didn’t take off until I was 40. When you look at me in the beginning of ’96 and at the end of ’96, I’m two different people. When my career took off like a rocket in ’97 – me against the nWo and Randy Savage – I wasn’t just a top guy, I was the top guy and then in ’98, I blew my back out. [$250,000 is] a lot of money in the real world, but for being on-top of the wrestling world, that sucks. I had just gotten that 3-year, multi-million dollar deal and that’s when I blew my back out.”

What his goal for DDP Yoga is within the next four years:

“I did what WWE did with the network, but I did it with fitness. Now, my goal is to be a $100 million company before I’m 65.”

Who was the first WWE Superstar to use DDP Yoga:

“I had just done the WWE: The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro and while I was there I was shooting behind the scenes with Shawn Michaels, who was the first guy ever to do my program, which, along with his surgery, helped him get back in the ring. [Michaels] told me, ‘Jericho is hurting and I told him to call you.'”

You can read Page’s interview with the Atlanta Business Chronicle by clicking this link here.