John Cena Statue Planned For His Home Town


Philadelphia’s Rocky Balboa statue is about to get upstaged.

The city of West Newbury, Massachusetts is gearing up to honor its most famous son, John Cena, with a statue. Local residents have been petitioning for the city to erect a statue in Cena’s honor. This week, pamphlets and bronze Cena action figures are being distributed  announcing that “our hero is finally being recognized with a statue.”

In addition to being a 16 time world champion and his Hollywood career taking off, John Cena is an inspiration to millions of people around the world. A true humanitarian, Cena has granted over 500 Make-A-Wish requests.

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The pamphlet being distributed in West Newbury reads:

Can’t See John Cena? You Soon Will!

He’ a 16 time world champion. He’s been in movies. He’s even had his own rap album [You Can’t See Me, 2005].

And now, thanks to thousands of petitions from fans in his home town of West Newbury, our hero is finally being recognized with a statue.”

Here’s a photo of the pamphlet and bronze action figure that’s being distributed locally, courtesy of Reddit user The_Magic: