Kenny Omega On Jericho’s WWE Status, Staying With NJPW


Kenny Omega recently took part in an interview with Tokyo Sports. During the course of the interview, he addressed the rumors that his rivalry with Chris Jericho will lead to him going to WWE.

Interestingly, the article also states Chris Jericho is still a WWE contracted star. Current speculation is Jericho is a free agent and did not inform WWE of his decision to perform at WrestleKingdom.

Kenny Omega Interview in Tokyo Sports

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The full article is available in Japanese here.

We’ve used Google Translate to decipher Omega’s comments below. Translation from Japanese to English can be difficult but the general point of his comments still comes through.

Omega on if his rivalry with Jericho will lead to him going to WWE:

“I denied the possibility that this round will be a priming call for WWE transfer, “I am absolutely here, I will tell you that the new Japan is a place where players can keep fighting on their real self, I’d like to say that it is a wonderful place”

Tokyo Sports on WWE‘s Interest in Kenny Omega:

“There is no doubt that WWE has keen interest in Kenny as success of Shinsuke Nakamura (37) and other newcomers professional wrestlers continues. It is said that there was an offer even after 1.4 dome this year.”

Omega on receiving a WWE offer after WrestleKingdom last year:

“I do not know why they are here (WWE Superstars) because they do not go there and I have to come here, as I have refused to contact WWE many times, have you come to crush me?”

Tokyo Sports Comments on Chris Jericho‘s WWE Contract Status:

“The two (Omega and Jericho) have been controversy on Twitter since October, but this factor alone is not sweet enough to make the entry into war. A related official said, “Although Jericho is not full-time, he still has a deal with WWE, so of course Vince (President McMahon) is also giving permission for this entry, although the real intention is not certain, WWE ‘s attention to Kenny got particularly high this year, it is revealed that it is realized only because the opponent is Kenny.”