Major TV Actor Becomes The Newest Member of Bullet Club?


The Bullet Club appears to be adding to their ranks once again…

Stephen Amell, best known for his role in popular television superhero ‘Arrow’ has been unveiled as the newest member of Bullet Club. Amell was signed to host last night’s Ring of Honor ‘Survival of The Fittest’ event and he got involved during the main event, joining the Young Bucks in hitting a top rope IndyTaker (check out the video below).

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Amell has gone on record regarding his love for the wrestling industry and you may remember his involvement in WWE alongside ROH Champion Cody Rhodes. It is understood that Cody and Amell have kept in touch since Amell’s Summerslam appearance and this latest chapter in ‘Arrow’s’ wrestling career seems to raise more questions around the Bullet Club and ROH going forward.