Matt Hardy “Broken” Trademark: What’s the Latest?


Last night on Raw, Matt Hardy began showing signs of his “Broken” character after losing to Bray Wyatt. Hardy began chanting “Delete!” in his Broken character manner, alluding to the gimmick debuting in WWE.

Broken Trademark Update

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Hardy originally filed for a trademark of the character in March but was denied. Earlier this month, however, he submitted new information based on his claim. According to PW Insider, he sent the United States Patents and Trademarks Office a poster of him as the Broken gimmick from CWF Mid-Atlantic show.

Speculation is that Anthem has had enough of battling the Hardys on this one and will most likely not challenge Hardy’s further claim.

Hardy has hired an Intellectual Property lawyer based out of Nashville, not far from last night’s Raw from Knoxville.