Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan Feature In Nail Biting UpUpDownDown Match-Up (Video)


The final round of the Madden 18 Tournament on UpUpDownDown saw 3 time champion Seth Rollins (The Champ) take on Jason Jordan (Dick Wellington).

The video starts with a confident Seth Rollins reliving his victories against AJ Styles and discussing how annoyed and upset The Phenomenal One was with the defeats.  Jason Jordan reminisced about Styles playing Madden backstage at shows, and how dedicated he was with the tournament.

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By half time of Rollins vs Jordan, the two superstars are caught at a 7-7 draw, with Jordan scoring an interception in the last 20 seconds of the half.  And so began a second half of intense football that will never be forgotten.

Early in the second half Seth Rollins asked the question: “What happens if we go into overtime”.  Jason Jordan replied to the question by adding 6 points to the board and denying Rollins the chance to score any.  The Champ is no more.

Rollins has openly shown how nervous he can become while playing Madden, and this is no exception.  He was caught rocking back and forth as he tries to work out why and how he is losing; Jordan meanwhile remains cool, calm and collected.

Early in the game, the two discuss how greed caused the interception that led to Dick Wellington‘s first half score.  Later they continued by turning the events into wise lessons for all on the pitfalls of greed, adding a moral tone to the video.  Unfortunately Seth wasn’t able to hide his frustration and anger in the closing moments as he walked up with a few seconds still left on the clock.

This is the first time in Madden Tournament history that Seth Rollins has lost.  He is no longer invincible and there is now a guaranteed new Champion in this year’s tournament.  Safe options for this year’s Champion would be AJ Styles, Luke Harper or Kofi Kingston.

Highlights of the video:

  1. Just how close Seth Rollins gets to the screen in the final plays of the game.
  2. Seth Rollins’ monologue as he leaves the game, resulting in some well timed dolphin sounds to censor his emotions.
  3. This quote from The Champ: “Fudge me.  Fudge me right in the fudging fudge”.
  4. Jordan’s sheer delight at the end of the video, he can’t contain his happiness as Rollins rants down the corridor.
  5. The fact that Jordan never practiced, or played the latest Madden game.

Dick Wellington joins the winner of the SmackDown Live showdown that was released yesterday, Luke Harper who shocked Jimmy Uso with a solid performance.

Bonus Question:

Does this mean that Seth Rollins will have to change his GamerTag on UpUpDownDown as he is no longer The Champ?