Title Match Announced for Smackdown


This week’s Smackdown will be headlined by AJ Styles defending his newly won WWE Championship against former champion, Jinder Mahal.

Last night at Survivor Series, Tom Phillips announced that Jinder will be cashing in his rematch clause on Tuesday night. This makes perfect sense for Jinder to do from a kayfabe perspective as Styles will only be 2 days removed from facing Brock Lesnar.

AJ Styles vs. Jinder Mahal II

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Before Styles vs. Lesnar at Survivor Series last night, Jinder cut a pre-taped promo saying he was cheering for Styles because he is from Smackdown but is hoping Lesnar hurts Styles because he wants his title back.

Jinder and AJ have met in single’s action twice before. In May, Jinder defeated Styles on an episode of Smackdown and 2 weeks ago AJ defeated Jinder for the WWE title on the Smackdown from Manchester.