Report On What Led To Emma’s Departure From WWE


Over the weekend, WWE announced the releases of Emma, Darren Young and Summer Rae. While Darren Young and Summer Rae’s departures were not entirely surprising due to their lack of television exposure this year, Emma’s release caught many off guard since she had just wrestled her first singles PPV match the previous weekend and had two competitive matches against main roster newcomer Asuka.

According to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, the Australian Superstar had ‘created just enough enemies’ on the writing staff and the situation was compounded by her habit of being outspoken on social media about the way she was being utilized.¬†Barrasso wrote:

“Emma created just enough enemies on the writing staff, which she exacerbated from the way she voiced her opinion on Twitter. The doors remain open for a return, but her exit from the company is viewed by some as addition by subtraction in the locker room.”

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Emma had been with WWE since 2011. A performer with her level of talent and charisma will not have a hard time finding work on the independent scene, if that’s the route she chooses to pursue.

Emma tweeted the following on Sunday and Monday regarding her release and future: