Update On WWE Using Virtual Reality Technology


WWE has been testing virtual reality technology for nearly three years. Back in 2015, the company launched two VR experiences using the Samsung Gear VR platform powered by Oculus. During Tuesday’s Web Summit tech conference in Lisbon, Portugal, Triple H said WWE continues to explore the virtual reality content.

“In some ways, it is kind of custom-made for what we do and I think as the technology improves it will get better and better,” Triple H said.

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“Everybody wants to be there live and in person and if its Wrestlemania and you can put a headset on, or whatever that device is at the time, and you can actually put yourself on that front row sitting there experiencing it… that’s a whole different point of view,” he added.

While there’s a strong chance that we’ll see more WWE VR content in the future, Triple H added that WWE still needs to understand how to deliver the best fan experience.