Where Has Bray Wyatt Been?


Bray Wyatt hasn’t won a match in WWE for over 2 months. That includes house show and dark match results. In total, Wyatt has dropped his last 18 matches straight. His last win was over Goldust in September on Raw.

It should also be noted that Wyatt hasn’t been on any of WWE‘s live events in over a week, including Survivor Series and last night’s Raw. His last appearance for WWE was 8 days ago when he lost a single’s match to Jason Jordan on last week’s Raw. The following day he posted two ominous Tweets and has since gone silent on social media.

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So, Where is Bray Wyatt?

When a wrestler goes on a long losing streak and/or loses to someone considered to be lower ranked (i.e Jason Jordan) it can mean many things: upcoming gimmick change, heel/face turn, or Vince has soured on them, though this is strictly speculation.

There has also been no indication WWE will be picking the Sister Abigail storyline up again anytime soon. The rivalry between Wyatt and Balor seemed to end when their PPV match was canceled due to Wyatt’s viral infection last month.